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Camucia and all it’s pleasures! Cooking with a Michelin Star Chef is just the start….

Having taken in such enormous pleasure in exploring Rome, I now leave this sublimely charismatic city to a more quieter part of Italy. I get more ...
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Eating Under the Roman Stars – Travestere by Twilight

Clearly, with just a day in Rome, I wasn’t prepared to lose a moment of experiencing the best that the city has to offer, take in as many ...
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Spagetti Cacio e Pepe and The Secret Garden of Oranges

  Wandering through this treasure trove, I also cannot resist the finely hand ground pistachio cream subtly combined with a fresh hard ...
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Cobbled paths that lead to a Treasure Trove

“It is the 01st August and apparently Rome is officially in its very quiet, sedated season. All the locals abandon the madness of the city to the ...
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Light Wings and a Light Heart. An Adventure to Feed the Soul for a Lifetime…

A few weeks of reflection of the most soul pleasing adventure, one that surpassed every small expectation and fulfilled every quiet drop of an ...
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Punjabi Style ‘Tawa’ Prawns!

I promised you spice and I'm delivering!!! This week, I start by taking the heat right up with these super king size prawns that are doused in glorious Punjabi masala. I love love love this dish and what made it even more amazing, is that we were cooking these on my makeshift little grill in the middle of the Nairobi National Park as the heavens let loose an absolute deluge of rain. It was an absolute comedy - such great fun !! I hope you enjoy this finger licking recipe as much as we did!
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Harvesting Liquid Oil, Taste Safari Discovering Mountain Oil

What a spectacular, sunny day in Kenya! I've just found out it's so blazing hot as we are going through a five day phase of what is known as the Equinox, a phenomena due to the sun directly positioned over the Equator Line ( forgive me if I'm wrong here - I'm definitely not a Meteorologist - but the current rumour of this incredibly hot weather is coming down to this illuminating fact! ) Apart from that - I'm so excited to release my first article on Artisanal Kenyan Producers. I have handpicked a few suppliers that I have been particularly impressed with, delving into their philosophies and understanding how their products reach us in the market. There are so many incredible food entrepreneurs that are striving to bring us wonderful produce, so keep posted on this blog to see who is being featured over the next few weeks. To keep it all exciting as we do here at Taste Safari, I'm going to bring you a recipe or two using the particular product - so I hope you can seek these out and use them in trying new dishes at home....That's all for today...happy reading and have yourself an absolutely beautiful weekend xxx Sandy
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French Cheese, Artichokes, Glorious Churches and the Arrival of Spring in Paris

The arrival of spring in Paris is quite something to see. It is as if nature, risen from it’s quiet winter slumber, awakes in a heady ...
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Mahali Mzuri

There are very few places in the world that exude style, flair and the hosting of such a theatrical setting - with such  heartfelt warmth  I must ...
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A Taste Safari Through the World of Emirati Cuisine

The glamorous faces, the cutting edge architecture and the million dollar brands are what many people would immediately associate with the United ...
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