Now why I have I called these Baby Puffs? Once you make them, you’ll see why. These are a special mix between a scone, a Dutch baby and a pancake. So here it is, a Taste Safari invention. Baby puffs! This is a huge hit in my household with adults and kids alike and I always have a jar of homemade butterscotch sauce ready to go! These really should be served within 5-10 minutes of cooking, so keep the mixture ready if you are entertaining and it will take you five minutes in the kitchen to whip these up.

For the Butterscotch Sauce

4 tbs of salted butter

3 tbs of brown sugar

1 1/2 cups of heavy double cream

1 tbs of vanilla essence


For the Baby Puffs

1 egg

1/2 cup of milk

4 tbs of icing sugar

5 tbs of self raising flour


Other ingredients 

Sunflower oil for shallow frying

1 punnet fresh raspberries

1/2 cup of toasted flaked almonds (you can toast flaked almonds by tossing them gently in a hot dry pan, until the edges begin to brown)

 For the Butterscotch sauce

In a small saucepan, gently melt the butter and the brown sugar on a low to medium heat. Keep whisking and make sure the sugar does not burn.

As the sugar has fully melted, and starts to bubble, add the vanilla essence and the double cream. Be careful as it may spit and bubble a bit violently at this point. Keep whisking and let this cook for a further 3-4 minutes. This is now ready and can be set aside.


For the Baby Puffs

Whisk together the milk and the egg

Whisk in the icing sugar, mixing in thoroughly.

Now whisk in the self raising flour.

Heat a non stick frying pan and on a medium heat, let the oil become hot but NOT smoking.

Take a tablespoon of Baby Puff mixture and gently pour onto the pan. You can easily manage about four tablespoons per pan, but take care not to overcrowd and give them space to puff up.

Let them cook for about a minute before you gently flip it over. You will see them beginning to puff up. Cook again for one minute and flip again for about another 30 second cooking time. Set aside, but only cover with a light napkin.

Heat up the butterscotch sauce and pour this generously over the Baby Puffs. Top with as many ( or as little ) Rasberries as you like and finish with the toasted almonds.

Get in quick, my friends, they’ll be gobbled up before you know it!

Baby puffs 3