Part of the privilege of living in such a diverse, beautiful country as Kenya is our exceptional gastronomic landscape, spreading from the cool highland tea and coffee plantations  to the swell of the striking azure blue of the Indian Ocean that brings in dhow laden bounties of seafood.

Every region in Kenya will typically produce culinary fare that represents the dominant agricultural crop grown in the area. This is what you expect to find in most countries with diverse geographical conditions, however what is particularly exciting about researching, traveling and cooking across Kenya is the discovery of the accumulation of numerous cultural influences that are mingled with languorous ease into the provincial dishes, and this is exactly what makes food in Kenya so evocative. The dramatic history of a young country that bought the world’s greatest hunters to it’s shores, the epic journeys made by those seeking a mystical African adventure, the migration of populations from as far as southern India and the rapid, swirling, ever changing evolvement of a nation…the proverbial melting pot, or in my case, the humble cooking pot.

Take for example, the coastal region that is dominated by indulgent richly spice laced and saffron infused seafood curries. The turmeric, saffron, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, ginger and nutmeg , carried in grand cargos by their Portuguese shipmasters as barter in trade for ivory and slaves. Soon, this spice gold found it’s way into the bubbling cooking pots and generations of cultures expanded and integrated this almost mythical influences deep into their cuisine. It is this history that intrigues me and is what has created some of the most ethnically diverse range of cuisine on the Continent.

So I invite you on my journey where I explore some of Kenya’s most striking and dramatic locations and the food that our stunning Country has to offer.

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