I use my waffle maker to experiment with all sorts of sweet and savoury combinations and this one seriously hit the spot for a weekend brunch number !

The best thing about these potato waffles is thatyou can make as many as you want and freeze them to warm up whenever a craving comes along!

Makes at least 10 square shaped waffles



  • Usually, I would wrap the whole butternut squash and roast in an oven for 45mins until it is soft. However, if you want to speed this up you may cut the butternut squash in half, spread with a little oil and cook this swiftly in the microwave until soft.
  • Let the butternut squash cool and gently scoop out the tender flesh. Let this cool in a bowl.
  • Boil the potatoes for 11 minutes until just tender. Let them cool, then peel and grate on the wider edge of the grater. Spread the potato out on a clean dishcloth and let them cool until all the steam from the potatoes stops.
  • Next add the egg to a bowl, whisk for a minute or two. Add the mixed herbs, ground coriander, salt, garlic, chili, black pepper and flat leaf parsley.
  • Now add the butternut squash and the grated potato to this mixture.
  • The trick here is not to over-mix this and knead the ingredients into a dough. You should combine everything but let it be a crumbly loose mix. This will ensure a crispy waffle.
  • Place your waffle maker on high and coat with a little oil. Press your mixture in gently and let this cook for at least 4-5 minutes.
  • In the meantime, fry your egg to your liking and serve on a piping hot waffle! Don’t forget to season your egg with salt and pepper and for a little heat, some red chili flakes won’t hurt!