Diwali, the extraordinary bright and colourful festival of lights is upon us. Over the years, this celebration has become a global phenomenon and Indian communities all over the world create dazzling displays of gourmet feasts; laden with syrupy sweets and flavourful, spicy, food finery.


Everything about this festival is auspicious – from the lighting of the holy night-long candles to guide the Goddess Laxmi into your home, to the creation of a traditional art form known as Rangoli. Firework displays are of a greater magnitude that ever seen before and there is a sense of a magical new beginning and a time to give thanks to the Universe…




Of course, the part I’m most excited about is the culinary magic that Diwali brings along with it, from the dizzying preparation of heaps of ‘mithai’ and special sweetmeats to traditional spicy dishes cooked specially to mark the occasion, that make up part of an intricate array of celebratory dining. It is truly a time where Indian foods are showcased to their absolute best and this year I share some of my favourite, easy, homemade recipes and feature all things beautiful about this holy festival of lights. May you also have a week filled with joy, laughter and love – and of course, plenty of wonderful Indian food!




Featured photo: diwali-in-india.blogspot.com

Photo 1 (Food): dining.savannahnow.com

Photo 2 (Candles): Getty Images

Photo 3 (Fireworks): eswalls.com

Photo 4 (Food): www.timesdispatch.com