Friends and family are always just dropping in to say a quick hello- which always extends to a glass of wine or a few whiskies at the least!

Quite often I end up spending lots of time in the kitchen getting a few bitings together which ends up defeating the point of them coming over to see me! So over the years – I’ve spent a lot of time in local farmers shops, tiny hidden delis to collect an array of preserves, syrups, cheeses, aged salamis, as a classic backdrop to the platters.

However – one of the things I really enjoy is making some of the deli products on my own, at home, with my own touch. One of the vegetables that I always have in abundance from the greenhouses are shiny baby eggplants . These are actually so much more flavourful than their bulbous cousins and produce a lovely nutty, smokey flavour especially when grilled . This is a very simple vegetarian addition to your platters that really do work beautifully with cheese, crusty fresh sourdough baguette, hand picked fresh aromatic basil and a strong, hard nubbly pecorino!



Makes one 500ml jar worth of Aubergine Deli Slices




Top Taste Safari Tip!


Always have an abundance of different fresh breads and wrap these up in some lovely lace or a lovely printed napkin. Right now – after all the wonderful bread in Denmark and Italy – I’m really selective and I love the earthy, acidic sourdough breads and rustic olive Ciabatta… mmm delicious ! 

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