We’ve made it! It’s a glorious start to 2017 and I’m sending out the most positive vibes to all of you , hoping everything goes exactly the way you want it to go – even better!!

Now, we have ALL been indulging. It’s been fabulous, it’s been festive and I’m feeling like I need to have some easy – yet glamorously healthy recipes to ease my way into the start of the year.

We should all officially still be on holiday I hope so why not start the detox with some newly created Taste Safari Smoothie Ice Lollies!!! These are seriously good and I’ve experimented with some extra yummy combinations! I’ll just add in that for those of you that may be nursing a small hangover, these ingredients will work wonders for sore heads!

Here are 3 of my favourite new ‘Smoothie Ice Lolly Mixes’ – perfect for Adults and Kids alike!! They are super simple and that’s the whole idea!


The same method applies to all of these, simply plug into your blender until completely smooth, fill your ice lollies and in the freezer they go!

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