I have woken up with such zeal to cook, write and entertain today! The sun is streaming through the enormous fig trees spread over our garden; the kids are already racing about on their bikes, albeit still in Pajamas teamed with bright polka spotted Wellies!

We have our really good friends coming over for a slow, lazy wine-laden lunch that has become a bit of a ritual over the last few years. Rosana, my fun loving Uruguayan party girl and the only real, authentic South American influence in our lives, will always bring a fantastic leg of lamb for us to slow roast over on our rustic barbeque.  Prian, self proclaimed connoisseur and sommelier in training will always set the pace on a really well chosen bottle of wine and Raji, Chief Party Organiser, will just be ready to have friends over at any opportune moment. It’s amazing how the kids also get excited by this Sunday special, with them asking over and over again ‘when are Uncle Mo and Aunty Rosy coming?! ‘

It’s great fun cooking for this lot, as it’s all very relaxed, laid back and it is really more about the social. We’ve also experimented a lot with food on these Sundays, such as trying an authentic seafood paella. With Rosana, also being an excellent cook, we always have something to look forward to. Today’s menu features a slow roasted lamb—a classic and one of my absolute favorites.

Leg of Lamb with an Aromatic Herb and Wine-infused Salt Rub
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