Ok, so confession time. As much as I love to cook – passionately even – there are some nights when the kids are usually over at the grandparents, and hubby maybe out with his golf buddies – that I will pamper myself with what I call a One Woman Cheese Plate!

This is basically, my idea of a no – cook, minimal assembly dish – but boy ! Does it rock with flavour or what?

There really is not going to be a recipe for this – but more of a guide to the pairing. My absolute – to die for cheese is either a White Stilton with Cranberry or a solid French Brie – The Brie Always Wins. Nothing matches a creamy, just ripening good quality Brie that makes you feel just fabulous plating it out for your self.

So my One Woman Cheese Plate is really ridiculously easy. The trick is to pair it with the right sweet note. In this case – it’s a fig –balsamic compote that balances out all the right flavour profiles just perfectly. Anything fig, anything with a compote texture – even a sweet tomato compote will do the trick. Pear or apricot compote could also be a perfect partner….

I also like to cut it with a fresh crunch vegetable – so a thick sliced English cucumber with a smattering of lemon sea salt really works.

Add your favourite crackers – mine are Seed Crackers with rosemary full of psyllium husk, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, rosemary, Himalayan crystal salt and some fresh crusty – fresh baked baguette is a must.

Now all your need to do is start watching your favourite flick, pair it with your favourite tipple – and you can tell yourself you are absolutely fabulous!



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