This is one heck of a sundowner and it is a recipe I created completely off chance as I had a bowl of leftover Lychee and Lime Granita sitting idle in the freezer. This cocktail oozes with style as you carry out a tray of Granita filled glasses and pour your cocktail over it with a final flourish of soda water. From that day on I keep an ample quantity of Granita ready for lavishing on my cocktails whenever the urge arises!

For the Granita

250 ml lychee juice

Juice of 6 limes

100ml water

For the Cocktail

100 ml of Hibiscus flower tea, chilled ( Hibiscus tea is readily available so all you need to do is take 5-6 hibiscus flowers and pour over hot water and let this infuse. Chill in the fridge before you use in this cocktail)

1 shot of cranberry flavour vodka, or plain vodka will do

3 slices lime

100 ml soda water

For the Granita

Mix all the ingredients together and pour in a shallow tray

Place in the freezer and every 2-3 hours, take a fork and scrape the frozen mixture, breaking it down into ice crystals. Freeze again and repeat this scraping stage at least 2 more times.



Bringing the Cocktail together.

Place the frozen granita in some wide martini glasses or old fashioned classic wide mouth champagne glasses.

Place the lime slices over the granita.

Pour over the vodka and two tots of the Hibiscus infused iced tea.

Now quickly pour over a dash of the soda water and serve up with style!






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