It had been a few weeks of very hectic travel in the very first month of January. The fun filled, but seriously intense, filming and photo shoots had kept me on the road, so as much as I absolutely thrive on the travel, I was in need for some downtime. My home is my absolute sanctuary and I was in complete bliss as I pottered around my garden, happily inspecting the blooms that were spraying plumes of colour everywhere, laughing as I watch my very old, very comical pet tortoise busily rolling my son’s football around.  Now, I love some quiet time to write and reflect on what’s to come in the next few days, but I’m also a girl who loves great company and in that moment, I just decided to have a handful of my closest friends over for an afternoon of fine food, plenty of free flowing wine and the conversations that I enjoy from such a unique group of people. Well travelled, adventurous, damn smart and with great stories to inspire your life by. Who wouldn’t want an afternoon spent with a lot like that.. So, I set about planning my afternoon and I knew I wanted a set up to reflect on the summery feel of the day… With my Hydraengas in full bloom, the fat Cornflower blue petals set against a shock of lime green…I had the perfect theme in mind. A wonderful friend of mine stocks beautiful crockery, cutlery and glassware at Mosaic Kenya (with two stunning stores at Galleria Mall and The Oval, worth checking out) and I spend an entirety of wages on her glorious, tasteful dining sets. So I share this pretty summery table set up idea with you today and hopefully inspire you to make that effort when entertaining your loved ones..


  • For a spring feel to your set up, team up bright colour palettes. I personally love a turquoise blue set against lime green, with a touch of silvery gold shimmer in the napkin.


  • Even when I am entertaining in the daytime, I will always set out tealights. I especially adore these hanging lanterns that I keep ample stock of….absolutely stunning and as dusk falls, I light these up, transforming from day to night with a flicker of candlelight.



  • Layer your plate settings as this brings a sense of grandeur to the table.


  • Delicate coloured wine glasses always bring more colour and dimension to your table setting. Be playful and mix it up…I’ve used a turquoise and emerald green in this setting.





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