As a child, I remember the fresh coconut milk being grated out of the coconut for this special dish. A special instrument used to scrape the snowy insides of a freshly cracked coconut into delicate shavings was only handled by our expert Swahili cook.

Swahili Chicken - Coconut Milk

Of course, these days, coconut milk is readily available in most supermarkets and has become the bijou larder ingredient. This is a headily fragrant and aromatic dish and is really worth cooking at a ‘lying – in – a hammock- nothing else to do but cook a coconut curry’, pace. It really should be served as a main course with Coriander Tempura Crisped Vegetables and for the true African-Arab experience, this dish needs to be served in wooden bowls, generously ladled over a heap of steaming saffron coconut scented rice..I suppose I can let you get away with serving it in regular ceramic bowls – but hey, you want the authentic experience.

Green Chiilies

This is also seriously, ridiculously easy – and it’s personifies exactly what this book is about – big flavours without tedious, long complicated methodologies. I just believe in giving the soul more time to enjoy other important things in the home at the same time, like tucking the kids into bed – and finishing that bedtime story, watering that seriously thirsty plant, finish writing out that thank you card or putting on that CD ( yes, I am still very much a CD kind of girl) that always always puts you in a better mood.


Chopping Board copy


Jokes completely aside, combine all the ingredients except for the fresh coriander in a deep casserole dish, stirring well. Simmer on a low heat for at least 2 hours. Stir in the fresh coriander just before serving with Coconut Scented Rice.


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