Next time you have a surprise guest, why don’t you try my 5 minute, Swahili inspired nibbles instead of the Nachos and Nuts story! This little exotic ensemble looks beautiful in any type of older, even slightly dated crockery (something I feel always adds so much more character than minimalistic plates!) – I love to serve mine in these copper decorated bowls that I picked up in India.

The fried coconut with lime, chilli and salt is absolutely my favorite treat and is found all over Kenya and parts of East Africa. Although the dish originates from the coastal region – you will most definitely find this served at sundowners at any respectable safari camp….nothing more glorious than the Kenyan sundowner set up! I love the complexity of the flavor that is achieved from the crisp deep frying – giving it almost a toasted, smokey flavor – heaven!

These three little combinations – Chilli and Lemony, Nutty and Salty and Sweet and Sour – who says you cant have it all!?

Serves 4-5 friends that have the munchies!

For the Coconut

Its really important to first slice the coconut into thin semi circular wedges as shown.

Heat the oil until hot but not smoking.

Toss in the coconut slices and fry for only a minute or two.

Drain out on kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil and quickly toss the coconut slices in the rest of the ingredients. Test if you need any more salt and best served slightly piping hot.

For the Almonds

Also deep fry the whole almonds for a minute or two and drain as per the coconut. Toss in the rest of the spices and serve piping hot.


For the Dates

Did you know how roasting dates can just sensationalise their flavour?! I didn’t like the idea of deep frying them, so I simply drizzled over the pomegranate molasses for that touch of sourness that complements the beautifully soft sweet dates. Place under a hot grill for 5-6 minutes, turning them so they caramelise all over.

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