This post has made me just want to throw a party!! I love good company and really enjoy having people over – but sometimes, it can definitely all get a bit overwhelming and you end up having less fun than everyone else.One of the things I’ve learnt recently is that, I also seriously need to chill and enjoy when I have people over. I’m a real fuss-maker – I like perfection and I like my guests feeling really well looked after. What my friends have complained of recently is, as much as they love my cooking – they want to see a bit more of ME when they come over. Much too often, I am cooking like mad in the kitchen and everyone else is getting on with the party, so by the time I join everyone – I’m knackered!


So I really thought about ways I can get in on the football action, have a laugh with my mates and still make sure everyone is fed like royalty!  I tried this the other night and it was a total hit. Everyone got a lovely gourmet feast and I got to hang out with everyone and for a change, eat with them! One of my absolute favourite new ways of entertaining during this World Cup season is creating ‘make your own food stations.’  Now, I have no issues with buffets – I do them a lot especially at my kids birthday parties, but I wanted a more personalised and gourmet feel to entertaining my friends in this style. So, I decided to come up with some really awesome ‘Make Your Own’ Foodie Tables and it works brilliantly because you have done all the hard work, the food is still top notch, but you are not running around preparing, plating and serving. So I have three absolute favourite concepts and these are all easy to prepare in advance and you can do 99% of the display before your guests even arrive. The nice thing about Foodie Tables, is that you can leave your guests to decide when they want to eat during the entire time they are with you. I always have a guest or two that are starving when they get in and most of the time, the guys will have a few drinks before they want to eat anything – so you are free to enjoy the evening and get in on the fun!!!

Idea 1 – Make your Own Burger Taste Safari Table

burger2 (1)
This will always be a sure hit. Burgers are easy to make and if you offer a whole array of toppings and sauces – guests can personalise their own burger.

I like to keep my burgers and buns warm by setting them on a food heating plate, set on low, so they don’t get cold and the buns stay nice and soft.

Filling to include are; jalapeno peppers, grated cheddar cheese, soft fried onions, tomato slices, lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato relish, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, a big bowl of fresh creamy coleslaw, crisps, mustard, mayonnaise.

In this set up I also like to add bites of fruit – just because there are always kids at my get togethers and some healthy fruit slices will keep little monkeys very happy.

The only extra items you might need to add is a big bowl of freshly fried chips and if you want to keep yourself even less busy, why not try potato wedges that you can keep warm in a big hotpot. I love onion rings with my burgers, so again this is something you can pre fry and just as your guests arrive it’s the last thing you fry up as you heat up your burgers and buns. This set up has made grown men very happy, so I don’t think you should have a problem here !!!!

Look out for tomorrow’s post for the next big Make Your Own Fajita and Taco Table !!!burger2

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