Over the holidays, I had a time to deeply reflect on what truly makes me happy. Quite often, we tend to think it’s the really big things – the rather extensive life changing solutions that will come barreling towards us and it forces us to make huge improvements in our life…

However, when I do reflect back over what made me so happy in 2016 – it was actually the smaller, quieter more subtle things that I did that made me feel quite at one with myself. In my world, it’s simple things like having a steaming cup of tea in the garden and just stopping for a moment to absorb the wonder of nature – it was having breakfast on the patio and just setting the table a little more prettier – a rose or two just to make me smile. So, in this new year – try and make those little subtle changes in your everyday life…break the rules and change up the way you serve everyday family meals.

This year also starts with taking care of the physical self! I’m starting afresh with clean, strong, vibrant fresh flavours like this simply divine breakfast of fresh crunchy peach wedges, vibrant hand picked organic cherry tomatoes, soft melt in your mouth parma ham…all wonderful, complementary flavours that move well away from a traditional start to the day – but so fresh and so different!

Take a bit more time to think about those smaller touches that will lift your day- from my heart to yours – this is the year of self love.