So here we are, hurtling steadfastly along already into the tremendous year of the Horse. This spells adventure, beauty of exploration…This year, I’ve already travelled to three different countries in just this fine month of January with a confident determination and a mind sleuth with clear personal goals, that this will be my year of reaching far and wide, indulging in learning experiences and absorbing as much new knowledge about the world as I can. The world. It’s definitely a smaller place now, but so so much to see and it’s moving fast, way faster than I imagined from my idyllic setting in the Kenyan countryside. You see, my last year’s experiences taught me a few things. Well, that would be an understatement. When you finally understand what you should of been doing your whole life and you finally figure it out, well that’s exactly what happened with me.


 We are always looking for that ‘A- ha!’ Moment, when all the planets align and the universe focuses on just you and it quite suddenly all becomes ethereally clear. Well as much as I am sure that is what happened out there in the galaxies, I found out in quite a different way and the signs were really as clear as a summers day. As I worked tirelessly last year, launching the Taste Safari website and shooting for the blog, I started to realize, considering the sometimes grueling schedule of the shoot, that I ended the day in such a high. I wasn’t a train wreck after a fourteen hour day of cooking and plating and styling my creations… I just actually felt completely and utterly exhilarated. Simply happy….and although my muscles ached, it’s the kind of satisfactory pain that knows that all that hard work is going to pay off. (Strikingly close to child birth, when you see that little face, somehow, the agony of the process seems to vanish with the fairies!) And it will pay off, because I can’t see myself happier doing anything else. Then the Gods were really cooking up strange things. Well, I woke up one morning and suddenly found I’ve grown wings. Yes, huge aero dynamic supernatural, rather serious Boeing size wings that were going to take me anywhere I felt the urgency to go. And good God, I’m not in the mood for hanging about…. This is the Year Of Living. This is my own personal sonic boom year and I am going to be the Culinary Explorer I was born to be. So look out for great culinary safaris coming to you this year from Taste Safari!


So what has this got to do with you? Well, it’s all about YOU! (I don’t even have to remind myself I’m only where I am because you are reading this article at this very precise moment..). The fun part is that you get to come on this journey with me..This year, I’m going to make you want to start a Taste Safari of YOUR own, in YOUR own kitchen, with all the new exciting recipes I’m creating for you that are going to make YOU shine! I will bring you inspiring tips and friendly advice and get you into that kitchen, cooking up a storm, even if it’s your first go at it all, I’m going to make sure that Cooking with Confidence is something achievable for all my followers.



This year brings an exciting new dynamic to Taste Safari, with the introduction of own brand products and a range of culinary goodies that will get your game on in the kitchen. Even more travel safaris to come this year, showcasing not just the best of what Kenya has to offer but, beyond our horizons and reaching out on a global level. The book is on it’s way so be ready for that one and other neat little surprises are planned along the way.


So, my friend, I hope I just made you feel like you’re going to win the lottery. Take a chance in doing something different and just take a moment, take a look over your shoulder and you might just spot the start of those wings. Let wind to the sails and come fly with me…