One of the best things I find about travelling is that it ignites your inner passions. With so many new experiences to absorb – it really does fire up the imagination and helps you to reinvent yourself all over again. This Christmas I was hot stepping it in Thailand, first with an adrenaline filled stopover in Bangkok – coupled with a completely slow-go island visit to Koh Samui. You can only imagine how fascinated I was by the immense variety of mouth watering dishes…and taking a few cookery classes from authentic home cooks, who also learnt from their own mothers as I did, it was incredibly refreshing. What I absolutely loved was actually how light and fresh Thai recipes actually are, especially if you make everything from scratch – the final result is an aromatic, complex balance of sweet and sour but incredibly fresh on the palette.I also felt completely revived in terms of taste sensations and styles in Denmark. Scandinavian cooking styles adapt very clean, fresh flavours that concentrate on each ingredient individually and create final recipes that look simplistic, but are mind blowing in taste ….Inspired by this wonderful freshly caught monkfish, accompanied with a delicate tarragon infused lemon sauce – I have a recipe that I’ve been using for years that the entire family loves. It has a very French feel to it with a beurre blanc sauce base married with white wine – absolutely delicious!