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Banana Cake Peach Bake

This desert cake pudding is a one bowl mix that I use all the time with last minute guests, or especially during the week when the kids deserve a ...
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Raspberry, Mango and Coconut Slice

This is my go to recipe for a quick fix sweet treat! We all need a bit of indulgence and this is mine! Serve either as a dessert with a scoop ...
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Butterscotch Chocolate Cups

These little mouthfuls of creamy butterscotch sweetness are seriously the cutest desserts you will make! Cute is not a word I use often to describe my recipes but these really do have a serious charm of their own..I can see these as part of a dessert canape platter which is what I am going to do this Christmas - I've got loads of more ideas for your Christmas table so keep posted the next week or so!
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Vanilla custard Cream, Buttery Biscuit Crumb and Double Chocolate Layer Dessert

This recipe was made under twenty minutes and was created as my two little ones pleaded, begged and bribed and almost threatened all sorts of crazies until I made them a treat. Who can resist these little clever, puppy eyed little dealmakers? So this actually has turned into quite an impressive number and I wouldn't be too embarrassed to serve this to a more 'mature' crowd. I doubt even a serious food connieseur is going to have any issues with layers of vanilla cream, buttery crumbly biscuit and a thick lush layers of milk and dark chocolate layers...somehow life just isn't complete with a scoop or slice of some sweet sin!!!! #chocolate#is#the#source#of#happiness #desserts #puddings #sweetandsinful
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Refreshing summer ice popsicles

These healthy ice popsicles are perfect for cooling down in the summer heat, healthy and delicious these are perfect for kids and adults alike- scrumptious! A perfect way to get your kids into the kitchen this weekend - and what a lovely way to spend quality time with them!#icepopsicles #healthyeating #summerfood #getkidsinthekitchen
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Perfectly Peachy and Cream Stuffed Pancakes

These plump, peaches and cream filled pancakes are directly from heaven!!! Not for the faint hearted, these American style stuffed pancakes will satisfy your sweet cravings. I love that these are so decadent - so allow yourself this cheeky indulgence! Go on you know you deserve it! #stuffedpancakes #peaches #cream #sweettreats #dessert #brunchideas
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Orange-Infused Rhubarb Tumbles with a Crumbly Sweet Almond Topping

My kids love desserts and it’s the first question before, ‘what’s for dinner!’ So, a few times a week I give them a little treat to end ...
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Crispy Sweet Coconut Squares Infused with Saffron and Cardamon

This weather just has me sipping sweet Chai and nibbling on these moorish little squares of coconut-ey heaven! This is a childhood dessert that is so quick, it's perfect for a little tea party get together or as I do, alone time - with a hot cuppa and all to yourself!
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All-American Very Cherry Pie

With this chilly, drizzly weather - right now all I am dreaming of is warm, sweet cherry pie! Try this gorgeous recipe this week to sweeten up your ...
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Chocolate Truffle Balls (Caught in a Mother’s Day Snowstorm!)

So, this weeks theme as we all know is centred around making that special lady in your life feel really loved and appreciated. Mother's Day ...
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