The heat is on as we hurtle towards our fiercely hot Kenyan summer months and as promised, this week, I’m sharing some lovely healthy recipes to keep your kids on the go. If yours are anything like mine, they do come home from school pretty exhausted and I love to have some fun treats in store for them. I’m a big advocate of fresh smoothies and I’m going to find a minute this weekend to photograph some really hip and healthy ones for you  – but for now, let me share a really fun recipe that is cooling and refreshing and the best part is – you get the kids to do most of the work!

I’ve always advocated ‘Kids in the Kitchen,’ from a very young age, just the way my parents did. My kids are a dab hand at age 8and 10 already, making gorgeous Sunday breakfast-in-bed delights for us. Let your children explore taste, touch and smell…invigorate their senses and help them along in understanding different flavor combinations..Give them the freedom to create their own recipes and enjoy the theatre of it all!

So now for this great idea to keep the little monsters at bay! As we did for our photo shoot, gather the kids and place trays of interesting mixed fruit in the centre of the table. We had juicy watermelon, bright red strawberries, bananas, blueberries, sweet fragrant pineapple, mango and other fruit that is to your liking. I put the children in pairs, and they shared a chopping board. I armed them with some child-friendly butter knives. For one hour, at least, your children will be occupied in chopping up fruit in different shapes and sizes. I heard squeals of laughter as children sneakily ate fruit in between whilst their little fingers worked in deep concentration on cutting fruit. These were then all piled into lovely, bright little ice lolly moulds, topped with a jug of milk and orange juice mixed in equal quantities with a generous dollop of honey and vanilla essence. Adjust the flavours as you wish, then freeze until firm and ready to enjoy.

Check out these beautiful ice lolly moulds used in our photo shoot – I love trying funky little shapes that make the end product that little more interesting.