Fall is fast approaching across the Northern Hemispheres and with this beautiful time of year, comes an abundance of seasonal harvests…It’s almost as if once the summery leaves turn from their sprightly greens, melting into their gilted bronze-gold and the year begins to draw into a wintry close, Mother Nature suddenly gives us an almighty show of her bountiful seasonal produce. The world celebrates food in a colourful display of festivals, with great feasts taking place in the midst of riotous merry making. Cultures come alive with passion and people travel far to witness such events. I love this time of year and to kick off the glorious month of October, we celebrate seafood harvests…with Spain leading the way with The Fiesta del Marisco de O Grove – a Galician seafood spectacular…So this week, stay posted for some lovely musings on this age old traditional celebration and of course some very easy recipes for you to try at home – with a very very Taste Safari Touch!!!


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Featured Image: megahdscreen.com

Lobster: www.gourmandbreaks.com