Your Valentine’s just got hotter with Taste Safari! This picnic will get you some serious Love Points – use them wisely.

Champers: A few expensive bubbles always adds a little more excitement to this picnic! However, if it’s a non-alcoholic tipple you are after, then my favourite option is elderflower cordial with sparkling water – don’t forget to pop in some luscious juicy raspberries!

Lobster: We only have the finest fare for Taste Safari fans. Poached lobster in a tantalising Rose wine sauce will have you in the palm of each others hands…


Antipasto platter: This is sexy Italian fare and is perfect for a romantic picnic – what’s more delicious than pickled olives, cured salamis, the finest proscioutto ham and some wonderful lush artichokes that melt in your mouth?

Gourmet Cheese Selection: Champagne, wine, cheese – select your favourite cheeses for the perfect accompaniment to your chosen tipple of the day.

Croissant Sandwiches: With all the love in the air, you might need some sandwiches to keep you going – I’ve created quite a gourmet version here for you both to devour!


Sundried Tomato Pasta with Silky Truffle Oil : Ok, I’m simply melting like butter when there is truffle oil in anything. This is really a surprising showstopper and your other half definitely won’t be disappointed.


Tuna Dip: Fresh, cooling, citrusy – this is the perfect elegant dip to share with your loved one on a hot hot valentine afternoon!


Fruit Platter: Fancy feeding each other crisp seedless grapes – add some juicy, mouth watering raspberries and don’t forget some chilled wedges of fresh peaches to keep the heat in check!

Happy Valentine’s Day Taste Safari Fans!


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