This Valentines Day I’ve reached into the past for one of the very first recipes I learnt to make. I’ve chosen this today because it’s nostalgic…it’s brings back warm memories of comfort, love and special treats – exactly what one should receive on Valentines Day!

My mother used to make these by the dozen – piling them high. They used to remind me of the snowmen in the cartoons we watched – stuffed fat and round with sweetened, vanilla scented, Snow White, whipped fresh Cream from our Jersey Cows.

There is something special about creating these at home. I used to love watching these puff up into little round snowmen through the oven door and calling out to mum in excitement as they started to change golden brown. Childhood memories, locked away safely – opened for you on Valentine’s Day.

This recipe is adapted from one of my very first cooking books, ‘The Love of Cooking’ where my mother learnt to cook Western dishes and where my obsession with cooking began.

It is now kept like a bible in my mother’s house, dog-eared and covered in sellotape to keep this original version intact. I love just having a read through it whenever I visit my parents, with so many of the original recipes perfectly preserved – wrapped in years of love from all the family women!