Dreaming of creating culinary experiences to share with the world, bringing my world to yours, is now being manifested in the Taste Safari experience, right now, right this minute as I cook my way across Kenya; so, let me tell you about what I cooked in the Mara and hope that you will try some of these recipes this week.

This first shoot in the Mara, coming on the banks of the River Talek, was going to be about connecting to the rugged, earthiness of Kenya and bringing the freshness of ingredients to the forefront. It was also about keeping it simple with little twists for that extra touch. We had ingredients like luscious ripe figs, freshly picked morel and oyster mushrooms, handmade apple sausages, bunches of sage, basil and thyme freshly picked the night before from greenhouses in the forest filled area of Karen.

My first cooking shoot this morning as we all huddled, sipping even more freshly brewed coffee, in the luxurious, cozy mess tent was all about breakfast. Breakfast the Taste Safari Way. I always wanted to bring breakfast back on people’s menus in a really big way. Make it a really important and special meal of the day. It’s a time when the family can sit together, share some sleepy moments, a kiss or two, before the madness of the day sweeps us all away.

So, this is my version. Sexy, sharp, surprising and full of incredible flavours!


Basil and Cannelini Bean Humous with Sundried Tomatoes on Crusty French bread, served with a side of Poached Egg.


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