Ok, so  here’s the deal.  I’m an insatiable food addict. I have a total lack of discipline in this department and I live in full relish of all things edible. Well, most things, let’s say. Good Lord, I enjoy food and all the lashings along with it…. bring it on sister, I can handle the crazies!




So, you might just be thinking I may just be out of control with the calories, considering my indulgence for  food? Well, that’s where, my friends, you might be traipsing up the wrong path!

I am an out of control food lover, obsessed to the point of intervention, BUT, the secret to the good life is that I’ve learnt to keep creative, exciting, delicious food HEALTHY and keep crazy calories at bay. Of course I lose it sometimes, IT’S FINE…I just don’t do it everyday! Look, the happies have been harping on about it forever, Healthy Food can Taste Great!!! How many times have you read an article on healthy cooking and realize, ‘Hey this looks totally delicious ! ( translated as; healthy food is actually edible and it’s not written by a vegan hermit?!! Stomach sighing in relief ..I can still eat steak!!!)


Healthy cooking is easy, healthy cooking is really exciting and if you simply live with the ethos that keeping food closest to its natural state of nutritional structure, keeps it chock full of vitamins and minerals, then you have really found your holy grail of health. DON’T boil the living heck out of your broccoli… keep your grains lightly cooked and now and then, bring in some serious superfood contenders like blueberries, salmon and other top jivers that I’m going to share with you this week. There you have it folks..I’m not wearing an organic hemp hat, nor am I singing to the trees, I’m just going to show you how to cook all round healthy food that is going to fill you with a total natural goodness, Taste Safari Style, of course!!!


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