I hope you are all enjoying my fun ‘n fast ideas for entertaining hungry crowds during this mad World Cup season. Hasn’t it been such a strange one, with so many of the big boys already out of the Cup – it’s going to be a really interesting one! As promised here is Part II of Top Entertaining Tips for Big Crowds – Taste Safari Style. As I had already mentioned in the previous post (check it out if you missed it; my DIY burger bar), I want to be part of the fun and for once not slaving away in the kitchen whilst my mates, (who actually come around to see me too!) are yelling for me to get out and watch the game with them!!
This second idea always goes down a storm and it’s actually so so healthy. This is Make Your Own Fajita or Taco Table! All you need for your Mexicana Extravagansa is;

Fajitas, (gently warmed on a flat griddle pan and kept warm in a hot pot or wrapped in cloth and left on a heating tray) and Tacos, lightly warmed and crisped in the oven for a few minutes.


Stir fried Mexican spiced chicken already prepared (a vegetarian option of stir fried mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms should also be available).



Sides for Fajitas are simple but so so delicious.

Grated cheddar cheese


Sour cream

Tiny choppped tomatoes and onions (Called Kachumbari here in Kenya!)

Tomato Salsa or you can make a delicious Mango Salsa

Finely shredded lettuce

Bowl of potato crisps and plenty of beer to go with it all.

And there you have it – an easy, quick fix gourmet table to keep your guests super happy!